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Two Gallon Stoneware Fermentation & Pickling Set

Start making naturally lacto-fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles and kimchi at home with our two gallon stoneware fermentation set.

Includes one two-gallon stoneware fermentation and pickling crock, cloth top and crock weight.

Select the artwork for your crock along with a fabric for your top, and the three items – one two-gallon fermentation crock, one top and one weight – will be added to your cart at once.

Made in the USA.


Our stoneware fermentation crocks are cast from American clay in Ohio, famous for its natural stoneware products. We think a two gallon crock is the perfect size crock for home fermentation. It fits well in your kitchen but it's not so small that you eat up all your sauerkraut in a day.

The stoneware crock weight, also made in Ohio, fits inside in the crock and weighs just under 4 pounds, providing enough heft to keep your sauerkraut or pickles well below the brine where the natural microorganisms can work their magic fermenting.

Completing the set, the fabric top sits perfectly on the crock, covering the food inside while allowing the gases produced during fermentation to escape. Sewn in the USA from domestic and imported fabrics, our tops are pre-shunk before assembly so they'll maintain their shape after they're washed.


Crock: 10" outside diameter, 9" high / 12 lb.
Top: 100% cotton
Weight: 8" diameter × 1" high / 3 lb. 14 oz.

All products made in the USA.


Crock and weight are dishwasher safe.

Top: hand wash with warm water and air dry over an empty crock to retain shape.


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